About me:

~ Your language is my passion ~

I have a degree in Interpretation from Leipzig University, Germany. 
I have been working as a freelance translator and interpreter since 2002, working in Brussels, at the heart of Europe, since 2007. I believe that interpreters and translators become even more important the closer Europe moves together. Even though everyone seems to be speaking English these days, I will be there when it is the details that count.

Sandra Board 2010 klein.jpeg

The aim of my work is making sure your text comes across right in the culture you are targeting.

I was born and raised in Germany but live in Belgium now. I also have lived in
London, England (1994-1995) as an Au-pair,
in Gambier, OH, USA (1997-1998) as a teaching assistant for German at Kenyon College and
in The Hague (2001) doing European Studies at The Hague University for Applied Science.


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